Remember your last adventure? Your child does.

A child's creativity opens the door to worlds full of action, wonderment and just plain fun. And each adventure is like a fingerprint - no two kids create in quite the same way.

At Superkid Capes, we're proud to play a role in this. Our custom-made single- and double-sided capes allow you to help create an experience for your child as unique as the child himself. The capes are designed by a former educator who understands the importance of creative play in childhood development. From tried and true favorites to unique designs, each piece is hand-crafted using high quality fabric and materials. Because enhancing a child's imagination is no time to take shortcuts.

Round out your child's ensemble with felt masks and wrist bands to complete the super hero look. Then sit back. Enjoy. And watch your child write the next chapter in their adventure.

Superkid Capes. For the hero in your super kid.

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